Scented candles with a lifespan of up to 40 hours for many scents at low prices. Scent your home with our candles.

Decorative candles

Christmas is coming, and with it the season when we are looking for Christmas decorations and collecting tips on beautifying the home to create a festive atmosphere for ourselves and our loved ones. One of the most traditional Christmas decorations is undoubtedly candles, which can create a quiet atmosphere in any room.

To save you time, we have expanded the range of decorations to include candles – we have become the exclusive supplier of Candleman candles. We offer scented candles in many colour variants, sizes and pleasant aromas. I'm sure everyone will choose from our offer regardless of interior or taste.

Candleman scented candles

In addition to classic square and round candles, the offer includes scented candles in glass. Buy our long-burning candles in one of two sizes and perfume your home with them. Larger candles (12.5 x 8.1 cm) burn up to 40 hours and smaller ones (7.1 x 6.2 cm) around 12 hours.

Smell your home with Candleman candles on long autumn and winter evenings to create a pleasant atmosphere. Your home will be much cozier than before – discover the magic of scented candles and see our complete offer.

We have extended the candles not only to tea scented candles, which we offer in many pleasant scents, but also to scented waxes.


Dekorativní svíčky

Dekorační svíčky