Provencal furniture made of wood


Provencal style is becoming increasingly popular in our homes. Currently in the offer you will find wooden furniture as if you brought it directly from Provance. Get inspiration for your home.

Provencal furniture made of wood

September 2014 was a month of a number of changes in the range for us. You may have noticed the addition of candles and wooden furniture. In selecting individual pieces of furniture, we bet on the very popular Provencal and Dutch style, which in recent years has become popular among both shops and end customers. We believe it will reach out to you.

Levandulové dekorace

Antique Provencal furniture

Provence – a French region full of picturesque villages, wine and cheese, scented with lavender fields, is an almost idyllic landscape that attracts millions of tourists every year, eager to experience the unique atmosphere of the French countryside. Thanks to our offer of wooden furniture and Provence decorations, you can easily and reasonably conjure up Provence in your home. Treat yourself to the romantic style of the French countryside, which is a popular alternative for lovers of wooden furniture throughout the world.

Provencal furniture from our offer

Currently, the furniture offers a range of wooden tables and commodes of many sizes that look as if you just imported them directly from Provence. When choosing Provencal furniture, we guarantee you fast delivery and maximum quality – all the pieces we offer are made of high quality wood that lasts for years. Choose not only from different dimensions, but also colors – will you be attracted by the brown hue of the wood or would you prefer artificially tarnished varnish in shades of white?

Komody - styl provensálský dřevěný nábytek

Stylish wooden furniture for apartment and shop

In addition to the Vintage style furniture lover, our tables and commodes are also very popular among gift vendors who present their assortment on them, which looks much more attractive thanks to the interplay of styles than if you had spread it out on an ordinary board.

In vain will not even those of you who want to arrange your entire apartment or cottage in Provence style. With our commodes you can easily equip the bedroom. It will serve as stylish bedside tables with a tea and book tray or as beautiful toilets - just hang a tasteful mirror over them.


Dřevěná komoda provance styl hnědá  Dřevěná komoda provance styl bílá

Take a look at the complete range of our Provence-style wooden furniture. Choose and look forward to the beginning of next year, when we plan to further expand the range with an emphasis on wooden furniture.