Spring is coming


Give your home a pleasant refreshment in the form of spring and Easter decorations.

Spring is coming

Spring is creeping in slowly, the days are getting longer, the sun is brighter and, despite the fluctuating temperatures, it is more pleasant outside. Spring is a time when nature awakens and we can finally look forward to warmer and sunny days. After a long winter, it also brings optimism to our homes. With spring comes Easter, a holiday with an ancient tradition and symbolism of new life.

Let Spring to your home

Many of us got into cleaning, but also into decorating the house and gardens.

You can welcome spring and Easter holidays, which are already at the door, also at your home, be inspired by our interior and exterior Easter decorations.

You can conjure up a relaxing atmosphere at home, display Easter decorations on windowsills, gardens, balconies. Beautify the outside door with them, or encapsulate the small decorations in ornamental boxes with spring flowers such as petrels, pansies or daisies. Our flower boxes or decorative materials can serve as unique decorations.

What are this year's trends?

Spring and Easter decorations should play with all colors, be fresh and create a good mood.

When it comes to colours, the classics are yellow, orange, green and blue, but do not be afraid to take advantage of other cheerful shades – in short, all colours that positively affect our senses. You won't spoil anything with pastel shades this year.

Painted eggs and Eastern sticks are essential to creating the Easter atmosphere. We also consider as traditional symbols various animals such as chickens, bunnies, lambs and others.