Why are Eastern stick and lamb traditional symbols of Easter?


Why are Eastern stick and lamb traditional symbols of Easter?

Why are Eastern stick and lamb traditional symbols of Easter?

The Czech Republic is one of the countries where there are very few believers. Yet Easter is one of the most celebrated holidays after Christmas. Easter marks the biggest holiday of the year for the Christian world - celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Bake the sweet lamb and decorate the eggs. Why?

On Easter Monday morning, men come to visit not only their family, but also the whole village, with an Eastern stick. Eastern stick is most often made of willow. For women, this custom is the least popular, and that's when boys think of tradition as a beating rather than a gentle whipping. The aim of the beat is to rejuvenate - that is, to stay healthy and to promote fertility. As a reward, the boys will receive hand-decorated eggs, sweets, or a glass of brandy.

In southern Moravia, Easter Monday takes its traditional form - locals wear folk costumes, weave Eastern sticks by hand from up to 24 twigs, women blow and make eggs out of snow-white eggs, bake and cook for all visitors. In a less traditional way, fathers or sons only whip mothers and sisters and immediate family. Sometimes only money is donated.

Or are you one of those families where the door doesn't open for trick-or-treaters?

In some parts of the Republic, women in turn pour cold water on men.

The baking of the sweet lamb and its display depict the likeness of Jesus Christ, because he is the lamb who sacrificed himself for the salvation of the world.

An egg is a symbol of a new life. The eggs are most often colored red. That's where their name comes from and they're associated with Christ's blood.

Bunny has a tradition long before Christianity. The pagan fertility goddess turned a bird into a hare when it froze to death in a blizzard. Every year the bunny laid an egg in gratitude during the spring. The bunny later also symbolized Christ.

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