Christmas stars made of rattan


Christmas is literally on the doorstep and it's time to prepare and decorate your home. Create beautiful Christmas stars from rattan according to simple instructions.

Instructions for Christmas 

stars from rattan

Natural Christmas decorations are still among the most popular. Although the range of decorations and ornaments in shops is very wide, colourful and shiny, many people prefer classics, natural materials. Traditional Czech Christmases include straw ornaments, wicker wreaths, ornaments from dried natural plants and fruits, nuts, bows, candy..

Vánoční hvězda z pedigu

Do you also like Christmas in the natural style? I have a simple guide for making rattan stars. Rattan can serve as well as straw. You can knit bells, stars, angels, wreaths. The original colour of the rattan is bright, but we can easily paint it before weaving with colours for textiles, moisten or buy already coloured material.

Basic instructions for a rattan star

You will need:

Cross the tapes smooth side up. Fold the round rattan and place on the lowest belt.

Weave the knot in two. The twig, which is on the left, always lead behind the belt with the other twig crossed and out, so that the twigs alternate evenly. Take a look at the other two photos.


Just 3 rows - end the star on the bottom and trim.

Trim the ends of the flat rattan into tips and tie the string to hang.

Experiment with length, width, color and number of tapes. The basis of weaving is always the same, with this simple technique you conjure up countless different variants.

Tips and tricks:


  • use a variety of weaving residues

  • involve children - just glue the base together to help children