In stock: 4 pcs
16.61 € Incl.VAT
dia 30/37 x 63 cm
Flower stand 097108
Flower stand 097108
In stock: 3 pcs
48.86 € Incl.VAT
46 x 50 x 108 cm
Flower stand 097109
Flower stand 097109
In stock: 2 pcs
64.33 € Incl.VAT
46 x 57 x 108 cm
Metal table large K0156/V
Metal table large K0156/V
In stock: 14 pcs
29.59 € Incl.VAT
30 x 30 x 36 cm
In stock: 5 pcs
13.06 € Incl.VAT
dia 25/33 x 72 cm
In stock: 5 pcs
10.69 € Incl.VAT
dia 24/28 x 59 cm
Grey stand, 2 levels D0021
Grey stand, 2 levels D0021
In stock: more than 20 pcs
27.22 € Incl.VAT
35 x 50 x 68 cm

Flower stands

Stands for flowers and herbs are a perfect addition to the interior and garden. Flowers are known to have a good effect on our psyche and health. But where to place them? Use stylish potted stands for interior and exterior. You can choose a stand in the form of a ladder, stairs, stand with wheels, rattan stand and stand in the form of a bicycle. With us, you can also choose a beautiful pot, which will stand out on a beautiful stand.

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