MOREX, spol. s r.o.

We are a leading Czech company dealing with traditional basketry production, which has roots in Morkovice since the 17th century. In the years of our existence, we have expanded the product range by hundreds of products not only from our production but also from many regions of Europe and Asia. We are constantly trying to produce and deliver the best basketry goods for you. It is always a precise manual work that ingeses a pleasant charm.

An important part of our production is custom-made work (wicker baskets, non-traditional baskets, pastry baskets, laundry baskets, etc.), repairs and restoration.

Among other things, we are also a major importer of natural materials for weaving. We also offer these natural materials for sale and further processing. In our wide range of wicker goods we use materials from China, Indonesia and Europe - wicker, rattan core, elhar, abaca, paper string, maize string, water hyacinth, bamboo, reed, etc.

We offer all the wicker assortment in retail chains, retail outlets, but also to the end customer.