A wicker basket is best for fresh pastries


Learn how to store pastries to keep them fresh for as long as possible. Forget the refrigerator or the plastic bag. Bread is best in a wicker basket.

A wicker basket is best for fresh pastries

The best things are often the simplest. Like scented pastries. You say, plain bread. Freshly extracted from the oven in a bakery or shop and brought home, it often doesn't even get cold. Just an hour or two and he's gone. But what if you live alone? And you don't eat a whole loaf in a moment?

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A wicker baskets used to belong to every household

The bread used to be baked at home no more than once a week. Heating the furnace more often was uneconomical. The loaf therefore had to remain tasty and soft throughout. The bread was therefore not allowed to dry, harden or catch mould. And it worked. We won't be reinventing the wheel now. And we'll remember how our ancestors stored bread decades ago. Back when there were no refrigerators and microten bags. Simple things, such as the bread itself - wicker baskets and towels - served to preserve the food.

Pastries and bread must not be exposed to sun or excessive heat. Pastries need to breathe. It would be best for him in a simple shawl or wicker basket. Forget the plastic bags. They're airpermeable. To keep the bread from drying out, a paper bag is better. Even better is a clean cotton towel or linen cloth to cover the pastry in a wicker basket. Where to put the pastry basket itself?

A wicker basket does not belong to a fridge

Place the pastry basket in a cooler cupboard where you store other food. There, neither direct sunlight nor the circulation of warm air would harm the pastry. Of course, a refrigerator is not suitable either – low temperatures only accelerate the aging processes of bread. If you have a bread basket in your food cabinet, in your closet or in a drawer, the pastry is not even at a higher temperature. And with them, no other enemy - mold. It is stated that the temperature of 20-25 °C is ideal for storing baked goods.

The need to preserve the pastry in order to keep it nice and soft, so that it can be cut and chewed well, is a problem as old as baking corn cakes themselves. There is a recipe for good bread. But no one has a guaranteed recipe for keeping the same bread fresh for a long time. But to keep bread or pastries in a durable state at all for several days will go.