Natural materials for weaving - willow wicker


The willow will naturally fit into the garden or your home. How can you prepare the material and what can you make from willow?

Natural materials for weaving - willow wicker

The willow will naturally fit into the garden or your home. How can you prepare the material and what can you make from willow?

Most willow types are suitable as weaving material

Willows intersect and therefore a large number of variations can be found in Czech nature. The most suitable bars for weaving are those made of basket willow (Salix viminalis L.Accessories) It grows about 3-4 m and the calf's brow is dark green. White willows are also very common (Salix albums L.) which is like a 25 m tree to be seen near watercourses and is suitable for rougher basket work. There are about 10 other types of willows, which vary in size, calf colour and cultivation intensity.

You can plant a willow in your garden. The easiest part is reproducing with a rod. You let a severed willow rod take root and plant it.


The willow harvest begins in autumn

After the willow leaves have fallen, you can start harvesting wicker. The rods must be straight and must not have knots that they do not break during processing.

Only one-year-old shoots are suitable for harvesting. If there hasn't been much snow, it's a good idea to go to the harvest during the winter season. Cut the 1-year-old shoots right off the ground and cut them diagonally and smoothly. Use harvesting knives - a knife with a longer handle and a slanted sharp part.

Choose rods about 1 m long (they have less flesh and more wood than long rods).

You harvest a lot of wicker? Tie them in the sheaf.

Wicker modification

For reed wicker the rods must dry out and for willow wicker it is similar.

1. Allow the wicker to dry.

2. Then you boil the rods for 5 hours and then cool them.

3. Peel the wicker and it is ready for processing.

4. Cut the wicker into 3 smaller rods, or canes.

Always store the wicker in aerated areas so that the wicker will not get mouldy. It is ideal to have a willow wicker above the ground so that air flows under it.

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From wicker you create fences and composters

Natural materials will fit into your garden. You can create simple fences or more complex structures that will be practical to use and yet as a natural part of the garden.

You can make baskets, pots and stands out of willow wicker.

Willow wicker is widely used. We use it to make a large number of baskets and other practical household items.

The log basket by the fireplace is very tasteful and completes your interior.