Tips for simple and cheap autumn decoration


Be inspired by nature and our article for simple and cheap home decoration.

Inspire yourself with nature and our article for simple and inexpensive home decoration.

Autumn is in the end and many people are wondering how to decorate their homes before Christmas so they can feel autumn inside. We bring you tips for 4 simple and inexpensive decorations inspired by autumn nature, thanks which you can make it work.


If you have children, it is easier for you. As a child everyone liked to pick chestnuts. How about using these collections for cheap home decoration? For example, you can decorate the table with them or you van arrange them alone or with something else at your leisure in a nice wicker basket.

Ozdobný košík s kaštany

Or you can let children decide, how the decorations will look like.

Kaštanová zvířátka


A typical symbol of autumn, not only in our countryside, is pumpkin. Of course, they are especially characteristic for Halloween, but we know from experience, that there is much more done with them than scary heads. The pumpkins have a nice colour and irregular and interesting shapes and so the decorations can be in their natural form. You can arrange them together with some nice vase and autumn flowers to suit your taste.

Podzimně zdobená váza s dýněmi

Pumpkins excel in a wide range of shades of orange and other earthy colors of autumn, such as green or cream, so you can match them into different variations and add a designer wicker basket or lanterns.

Dekorace z dýní


When we were kids, we all liked to make a homemade slingshot and shoot brier at friends or made fun of a younger sibling, who did not know what was going on and smeared seeds on his hand. But it never occurred us that brier are also nice decoration for apartments or house. They lasts a long time, smells nice and look really nice. You can match brier with another plants, with glass trays or interesting pots.

Šípky v míse

Thanks to the fresh and distinctive colors of brier with contrasting leaves, you do not have to worry about the magical decoration. For their beauty to stand out, a perfectly ordinary bowl and a suitable place to display is enough.


There are many possibilities. We believe we inspired you at least a little bit with this article and your household will shine autumn.